Tatte II - The Hunt

Tatte II -- The Hunt

I've always known what I want Tatte II to be and how I want it to look, and lately I've been on the hunt for the pieces that will give it that perfect look and atmosphere. A lot of times it's simply about those things with just the right look and feel but it usually takes some deep digging.

I would travel hundreds of miles for the right piece. If I hear of a place that might have that old park bench I was looking for, even as far away as Pennsylvania, I'd most likely to hit the road right away…. I would drive through miles of empty fields and blue sky, fueled by my love for this endless [yet rewarding] search, taking a brioche or two (a girl's gotta eat, you know?) for the road...

Lately I've been looking for chairs, benches, tables, shelves, dishes, lights -- everything to create the perfect atmosphere. Of course along the way, I find some other really cool stuff:

Some items are more challenging to find as they need to adhere to building codes, and city inspectors do not take into consideration my dreams (of course). The door is my current challenge, my dream door will work just fine in Europe, but not good enough here. The outside must be as beautiful as the inside, with all the code requirements this becomes quite a challenge.

Every piece of furniture and prop comes with a story. Sometimes it has the legacy of an heirloom, and sometimes it's just been around for many years, collecting history. Either way, there's a special, breathtaking beauty about each one. It’s about the journey, the digging, and the discovery that are gratifying, as well as the gorgeous experiences I again.

For those of you who love to search, hunt, and build like me, I made this list of wonderful places that specialize in all kinds of treasures:

Acushnet River Antiques, New Bedford, MA - A must!
New England Demolitation & Salvage - New Bedford, MA
New Bedford Antiques at the Cove

Best Doors source - beautiful, uniqu, great prices - A must!
http://www.antiquesusamaine.com/ - great props, small furnitures - great prices.
Old House Parts - they will build your dream.
Get Back Inc. - simply heaven.

You are always welcome to contact me with questions, and I'll be happy to help you find the right piece. I simply know how rewarding that is.