Yes, it's a big Announcement...

It was just about 8 months ago, early in the evening, my daughter was  trying to get my attention by jumping on the couch and on me, all this as I tried to finish up work on my computer so that i would  have a little bit of time to spend with her before  her bed time...
And then, there it was, just like that one last email found it’s way into my mail box. the subject caught my eye…
Tatte fine cookies & cakes, Williams & Sonoma would love to have your products!  i could hardly catch my breath as i quickly  asked Mika to quiet down she did so and asked me  “mom what is happening, what do you see?”  I can tell you that trying to explain to a 6 years old what just happened was not easy nor was it the first thing i wanted to do… ] but I tried, of course I did. “… Mika, do you remember when I told you why I build Tatte and what  I want and that sometime I feel as if things that are happening in my life are more than I could ever have wanted or hoped for ? well this is one of them…”
I took a deep breath, closed my computer and decided to sleep the night and try to ignore it until the morning. I needed to mentally process it both in my body and mind. I will answer tomorrow i told myself as i tried to calm myself and take care of my Mika, bath time i exclaimed!, for it is what i have done the last five years  a twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

It’s been one of the hardest secret to keep and for such a very long time.
I think of myself as  a very private and quiet person, if I could choose, I would never put anything about myself or Tatte out there and just quietly bake but the world has his own rules and sometimes, wisely you have to play by them.
The people around me, my family, friends and some of my employees knew already, as it’s been a few months of working on this gigantic partnership but I mainly kept it quiet, for myself and as respect for the current accounts we are have held in the last 4 years.
After a few brain storms and conference calls with the extraordinary team at Williams & Sonoma were we decided on products, photo shoot scheduling, training, agreeing and signing,  Tatte will sell 16 products [it’s a lot !] this coming fall and holiday season at Williams Sonoma. Yes, that is right 16 products! not 2 or 8 and if it was up to them they would  offer  all Tatte products an honor of course but 16 sounds just right for me now!  Of course there is so much that has taken place between William Sonoma and Tatte to make this happen that i unfortunately can’t share but this is no doubt the beginning of a long and happy relationship.

I am blessed to work with such an amazing group of talented people (William Sonoma) who respect and appreciate quality food and ingredients and the people behind them.
I was given this unique [and amazing] opportunity and I am very thankful for that. it is more than I have ever wanted, I am still having hard time to believe this is really happening but maybe very good things happen to those who believe in what they do so strongly and make it their own, keep it extremely unique, never give up even if that would mean making more money by going the easy rout “main stream way”.  instead we keep working in small kitchens to keep the products as authentic  as if it were just like i was making it in my home kitchen 5 years ago, baking it with care, love and attention.
This is not always and at times very challenging but this is the only way I know, being honest to yourself, your products, your customers. This work ethic brought me to where I am today.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to you, my long time customers, who call, email and come from everywhere around the world, thank you for believing in me, for the trust, and the mountains of love and support. This would have never happened without you.



  1. Congrats to you and william sonoma, they are very lucky to have you and your products. Your work ethic, creativity and attention to details shows in everything you do and we are si very lucky to have you in Boston and now delivered to our door no matter where we call home, bravo!!!

  2. thank you sweet friend :) you made my eyes tear.so kind.

  3. Where did you get those beautiful stools???? I am absolutely drooling over them. Just another beautiful addition to your wonderful bakery.

  4. Congratulations on tis announcement. And thank you for hosting Aran Goyoaga yesterday. I got to meet her and find your marvelous bakery both in the same day! Amazing!